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Bencor (pty) ltd., designs and manufactures hydraulic and electrical systems, builds hydraulic presses & hydraulic power packs. We also endeavour to accommodate our customers in any way as far as procurement of franchised and non-franchised equipment is concerned, as well as expediting of various projects and project management. Bencor (pty) ltd. is the sole agent for HAWE hydraulic equipment in south africa. Our company carries an extensive range of stock on this equipment, as well as other franchised and non-franchised equipment ie. duplomatic valves; hpi pumps and lamborghini pumps. We supply HAWE to most hydraulic companies throughout south africa, either in the form of hydraulic power packs or as replacement components, which in turn find their way to numerous end-users. We also distribute to end-users direct in which case we assume responsibility for the project from inception to approval.

We have the facilities to design and produce all our customers’ requirements. Our capabilities include a comprehensive engineering facility complete with cnc machining proficiency. Bencor (pty) ltd design and manufacture complete hydraulic manifold systems for the resale market, as well as for end-users. Our engineering projects are visible all over south africa, either as bencor (pty) ltd or as walch engineering co. (pty) ltd., our holding company.

Bencor (pty) ltd manufacture turn-key systems. Assignments are managed from concept stage right through to commissioning, in respect of all services mentioned above, i.r.o. design, manufacture and implementation.We would like to add that our standard range of workshop presses are renowned for their rugged design, versatility and quality. we offer an extensive range either with two-stage hand operation or with two-stage electrical power pack. specifications available on request.Bencor pty ltd offers guarantees on all new equipment as well as repairwork. since you would not be dealing through a third party, any possible claim can be dealt with swiftly and amicably.

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